Studio Facility


The studio facility was built in the late 1980s as an addition to the home of George and his wife Bert (short for Roberta) for the purpose of ballroom dancing. George and Bert danced competitively in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They continue to dance socially and also teach a few ballroom classes. The studio is still used for ballroom dance and thus the photography equipment must be set up and taken down between shoots. The studio is 24 by 40 feet with a 10 foot ceiling and a maple floor. The lighting includes ceiling mounted photography track lights with scissor extensions, numerous stand mount lights including large white boxes and boom arm hair lights. Most of the lighting is Speedotron strobes though hot lights may be used for some special effects. The backdrops include both wall mounted and stand mounted backdrops. Obviously there is a great sound system since the studio doubles as a ballroom dance studio, so models are encouraged to bring music CDs that provide them inspiration. If you do not bring a CD, you will be listening to the music preferred by George.


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Last modified: 03/27/08